Is Wanderlust going mainstream?

Today last week I was spending some days in Spain, went to see my Cape Town flatmate (cool, isn’t it) and we got to catch up after a while.

I was quite happy because, despite the fact I have been to Spain many times, it was my first one in Murcia and I loved every second.

What made me happy was being able to feel that feeling again. It was the first vacation in a while and as much as I love London, I was starting to feel like I couldn’t breathe anymore, as usual. I needed to leave and head somewhere where nobody knew my name and I could feel free again, so, very randomly, like everything else in my life, I came up texting her and booked a flight and a few days later I was browsing around south Spain.

They call it wanderlust, and nowadays seems like everybody is affected, it has become a trend and I have sadly found out tattooing that world on your body has gone mainstream, but I truly believe you can recognize the real travelers, the ones who are not after fancy hotels and super cool spots. They genuinely want to get to now the places they visit, understand the culture, get in touch with people and enjoy the true spirit of the country. They leave tourist stuff with tourists, and trust me, this is the only way to discover the real cool spots.

This is why I love having friends all over the world, because it allows you to make the most out of every experience (and yes, you don’t have to pay for your accommodation, which is nice :)), you get to live the very essence of every place you head off to, and you learn a lot about your friends. I have not thought about it before, but is interesting to see them in their own environment, you met somewhere exotic, probably far away from home and clicked. You spend time together, connecting and sharing crazy experiences (even some you are not very proud of, I can tell) and the more you get know each other, the more curious you are to see them living their “real life”, doing normal things just like you would and discover every aspect of them.

This is what happened last week, I lived the way my friend does, met her friends, checked the spots she usually hangs out in and enjoyed Spanish way of living (for those who don’t know, it’s a pretty awesome one).

At the very end of the day, I don’t know what kind of traveler you are, and I’m not here to teach you anything, but judging by what I’ve learnt so far, wanderlust not only is the need to leave and explore unknown places, it is also the possibility to meet new people, because no trip is complete if you don’t end up with new friends, and trust me, that would never go mainstream.


London meets art…Guy Bourdin Image Maker at Somerset House

I’m about to head off to Italy for Christmas and I wanted to treat myself a last time, so on Saturday my friends and I went to Somerset House to visit the Guy Bourdin exhibition.

This controversial fashion photographer was born in France and worked for Vogue Paris for many years.


The exhibition is amazing. it’s astonishing how modern the photos look, despite being from the ‘70s and ’80. They are powerful, provocative, they make the statement, getting straight to the point, the moment you look at them you are caught and can’t look at anything else but the pictures.


If you want to see something different and enjoy the Somerset House you have time until March 15th.


London meets art…Contini Art UK

When you’re walking along New Bond Street you are easily pleased by all the jewellery stores or the designer ones, but paying a little attention you could be able to discover a little treasure named Contini Art Uk.


I’m talking about the UK branch of an Italian Art Gallery, which is now exhibiting Dancing Away, by Mikhail Baryshnikov.

Through his pictures the world famous dancer wants to give us his personal vision of dance and movement and the point of view is absolutely distinguishing.


When I walked in, I didn’t know he was such a good photographer, the works are very unusual bodies are blurred, yet very harmonious and I appreciated the fact that while watching you are able to imagine the movement before and after the snapshot, so that the photos are not just frozen instant, but they are suspended in a constantly moving dimension.

Browsing around…Gieves & Hawkes


Savile Row is definitely the heart of bespoke male fashion, starting from number 1, which is exactly where Gives & Hawkes is located.

I had the chance to take a tour and I really enjoyed it, but they are very friendly out there, so if you’re around just pop in and have a look at the store. It’s been recently refurnished and to me, they did an amazing job: you can easily tell it’s a luxury brand but the atmosphere has a lovely cozy vibe which makes you feel very comfortable.


I have to admit I didn’t know so much about the brand until a few days ago, but it does have an interesting story: Gieve and Hawks where two different brands and Gieve was specialised in military clothing (Horatio Nelson was wearing one of his creations whilst fighting the battle of Trafalgar) they merged together in 1771, and they’re based in Savile Row since 1912.

What I found particularly catchy is they’re way to operate: the brand sells three different lines, the ready to wear, the made to measure which is stitched by machines but can be slightly modified to adapt to the customer’s body and the bespoke which is totally created on the client’s body to meet his needs. You can basically get everything you desire, ask for something and they will provide it to you.

If you’re in the mood for shopping and have £2,500 left (or more) you could ask for bespoke shoes as well.

Christmas meets food…The Borough Market


As you may already know, I’ve got some kind of an issue with markets, I just love them (especially food ones).

I’ve been back to the Borough Market after a few years and as it’s Christmastime I found it even better than usual. The atmosphere was lovely, people were browsing around looking for the most delicious food and everything looked so tasty that I would have loved to buy it all.


For those who don’t know, the Borough Market is the most renown food market in London and it has been there, selling every kind of national and international food, for a thousand years, can you believe it?

If you were not aware of my obsession you can have a look here and here


Cocktail with a view


As a last day of lectures we did a lot, we’ve been walking around all day getting to know loads of lovely people and cool places and we popped into The Shard to end it in the best way.


We went to Hutong for a cocktail and enjoyed London from level 33, at sunset time, can you think of anything better? well I can’t. The place is really nice even though it was quite crowded as it was a Friday afternoon and people wanted to boost their weekend up.

Despite it, cocktail are really nice and very well served and the view is worth the pain, especially when it gets darker 🙂


Designers we love…It’s not me it’s you

I don’t know how many times I went shopping since I’ve moved here, and to be honest, I don’t really want to find it out. There were both planned and unplanned shopping sessions and my cupboard is about to explode after only three month of staying here, but I can’t help myself of walking around and looking for cool shops and the problem with London is that there’s somewhere or something amazing behinnd every corner (it’s a hard life, I know).


I discovered It’s not me it’s you a couple of weeks ago during my “there’s no way I’m going shopping” week and of course, I ended up buying something.

They started in 2012 and produce leather goods with super funny quotes printed on; everything is made in Hackney (guess what? east London, how weird) and you can choose among an awesome range of colours and slogans and every piece makes a statement itself.